The Enterprise rich-media Holy Grail?

Rich media (online video, interactive tours, virtual events) may provide richer viewer engagement, increase Brand preference and generate a vast amount of customer intelligence, but who’s really measuring it’s business Value?

The more actionable data you can measure, the more realistic trends you’ll get.

What content/topic is the most successful? What type of rich-media deliverable works the best? How did they interact within the online experience? How much social media heat does it have?

Finally, how did each of these perform throughout the customer journey? This would enable the design of a successful blueprint for your global communication programs and get funding to roll these out since you would be able to forecast:

Content and Delivery
(content performance, rich-media usability and performance data)

Impact on Sales
(Lead gen, shortened life cycle, increased size of sale)

Customer intelligence
(customer behavior, interests, preferences, identify where they are in the Sales process)

Sponsorship revenue
(video overlays, in-page promotions, sponsored media)

That first bullet makes everything else possible. If you don’t have attractive and informative content, and the way to deliver/measure it as effectively as possible, nothing else will follow.


~ by laurentbridenne on December 15, 2010.

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