Notes from Streaming Media West – Digital Evolution

This week is the Streaming Media West + Online Video Platform combo, In Los Angeles.

The least attended sessions so far were about the Enterprise, which makes sense because we’re in Hollywood-land (There were much bigger attendance in the silicon valley for these same sessions in the past).

However, some of the same topics popped up in regards to creating compelling content, what technologies people use to deliver across the 3 screens, integrated user experience, ROI (or lack there of if you’re not in the media and entertainment industry), etc.

HTML5 is the big elephant in the room here… Thanks Apple (for better or worse). The interest has grown steadily. The iPad pushed the issue for having HTML5 video playback. Companies have jumped on the bandwagon and competitors … are also jumping on it:

The most entertaining session was about HTML5. It may have been the speaker, the content, the examples or all of the above. A bit on the techie side versus a use-case… but then again, the HTML5 specs aren’t fully fleshed-out yet and there are multiple standards… not a single standard.

Delivering video via HTML5 is good, but I will be looking forward to optimized web apps (including video and other rich-media elements) for cross-platform usage.


~ by laurentbridenne on November 2, 2010.

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