Digital Media ROI – tie to your CRM

I previously covered how to track some of the digital body language from your users. Next, you need to align that data to your Lead generation and customer relationship management systems. Which leads us to…

Step #2  – Tie your media metrics to your CRM

The digital behavior of a user can tell you where they are in the sale cycle. Failure to recognize and properly interpret the data can be costly. It can lead to a lost sale (for not getting in front of the client when they are ready to learn more from your solution. Note that I didn’t say ‘product’), to tarnishing your Brand (by contacting the client too early and trying to make a sale, while the client is just in the exploration phase). Your company probably has an already established set list of parameters that triggers an email or a sales call. Getting your hands on that information is crucial for this phase.

The task is now to tie one (or more) of your media metrics into the various milestones for lead qualification. If a user snacks on your content, they probably are in the early exploration phase, trying to see what your company brings to the table. If a user views >50% of your media (podcasts, VOD, webcasts, etc.) on a specific topic (this makes a good case for exposing meta-tags in your reports), they most likely have you on their short-list about a particular product, gathering data for their management.

Media analytics is just another facet of your CRM data points. Leveraging that data can help you improve your customer experience, but shorten the sales cycle and grow the sale. When the sale does close, you will have the data that correlate media views/activity with incoming revenue. Still… that’s not ROI.

To get a glimpse of your digital media ROI, look back at historical average for previous sales (length, amount) of a particular product or solution before you introduced media into the mix. The difference in the sales cycle length and size of the sale will be part of the data you will need to communicate and continuously improve upon.


~ by laurentbridenne on April 7, 2010.

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