Digital Media ROI Tips

Most companies aren’t using digital media to improve productivity (lower operating costs), generate qualified leads (grow the bottom-line), enable monetization (grow the bottom-line again) or improve Brand loyalty (long-term revenue) for their business. Why is that?

I’ve been surprised at some of the answers I’ve heard on this topic while interviewing various companies who are running their version of an internal media production services team to support corporate communications and marketing activities. Most of them don’t even look at the ROI for a produced piece that goes online and/or offline. They just deliver pretty things. Some of them want to go there, but don’t even know where to start in regards to ROI measurement techniques.

With so many flavors of media communication technologies available for any given targeted communication program/campaign it’s very easy to get lost in how and what you would need to measure. A live webcast may not bring you the same metrics as a podcast, as a virtual event, as an interactive tour, etc.

Until CRMs, OVPs, Marketing Automation, CMS, Digital Signage, Web Analytics, Social Media and other platforms can easily talk to each other without throwing tons of cash into their respective professional services organizations, the harder it will be to create a blueprint for digital media ROI. It can be done, but it can be quite overwhelming for whoever is responsible for running a digital media solutions department.

So, how can it be done today? I’ll go through it step-by-step… every week.

Step #1 – Enable your media to track your viewer’s digital body language.

How? enable your media with a short AS3 script (in your video/audio player, interactive tour, product demo, etc.) that writes user events into your web analytics system. Having your audience register through a very simple form in order to view content is paramount. It will provide personalized experiences for them, and give you user tracking capabilities.

Capturing every click, every mouse-over/out events, bits transferred and packets delivery/failures aren’t going to help you much in measuring ROI. Think about capturing your audience’s digital body language instead. Treat it like a traditional customer touch-point… with an online twist, such as: How long did they view before clicking away? Did they click on your overlay or promotions links? Did they send it to a co-worker? Did they bookmark it? Did they provide a comment on it? Did they tweet about it or added it to their Facebook profile?

Measuring success goes far beyond hits to a file. Hits are still good to have, but they do not communicate ROI. Hits only communicate your cost per viewership.


~ by laurentbridenne on March 24, 2010.

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