Dear OVPs: Let’s open it up – Part 1

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On February 1st 2010, an Online Video Platform (OVP) called thePlatform introduced their new MPX beta aimed at simplifying online video content management. As per an earlier entry, each OVP is providing a front end management console built upon their Content Management System (CMS).

Each OVP’s Content Management Systems are different, but for the most part do exactly the same thing in a myriad of ways. The issue for a potential customer is to find out what CMS would work best for their media workflow, information architecture and how to tie it into their web CMS or Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS).

The “one-stop-shop” approach of OVPs can actually make life harder for their clients. It might be in the best interest of the OVP industry to find ways to leverage the customer’s CMS. This would allow OVPs to compete on providing the simplest CMS integration, as well as developing intuitive/value-add front-end console to manage your video assets, players, etc. This would also open the door for easier migration between OVPs, which would contribute in developing a healthy competitive space.

Going forward, specialized technology shops (for live streaming, monetization, syndication, reporting, etc.) could just be a ‘plug-in’ that would extend an OVP in order for clients to use best-of-breed technologies for their business needs and budget constraints. Right now, OVPs cover a lot of services. Some of them do a better job at one thing than another. Would OVP users want a single provider do 100 things at 1% in a closed ecosystem or 1 thing at 100% in an open space?

(hint: Let’s open it up and see the best solution win!)


~ by laurentbridenne on February 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dear OVPs: Let’s open it up – Part 1”

  1. Thanks for noticing our launch. We agree that an open video management systen with integrations throughout the online video ecosystem provides our customers with a better overall solution. We already have partnerships with 80 or 90 technology vendors in the space.

    To advance this vision, the other product we launched yesterday is our mpx Dev Kit. This SDK is an all-access-pass for customers and partners to integrate with thePlatform. The mpx Dev Kit provides documentation on hundreds of apis, organized by tasks such as ingest, manage, publish and play. Standardized APIs, sample code and Java clients assist with the integration.

    If you’d like to learn more about the mpx Dev Kit, let me know.

    Marty Roberts, vp of marketing, thePlatform

    • Thanks Marty!

      What I’m really interested in, is in the openness of the OVPs with various technology shops. Meaning, that a single technology shop could write a single app that would automatically work in ALL Online Video Platforms (ThePlatform, Ooyala, Brightcove, etc.)

      Right now, each OVP is doing everything (from ingest, transcoding, hosting, content management, monetization, interactive overlays, analytics, etc.) as a ‘closed’ bundle. Having OVPs focus on the player management and have the *option* to leave everything else open for best-of-breed technology shops would increase the amount of flexibility (and possibly innovation) in the online video management space.

      This means that all OVPs need to work on establishing open standards. I understand this is a major shift from the current business models. What would be your thoughts around this, if you could share that with the rest of our readers?

      Again, thanks for the read and the comment 🙂

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