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Due to the lower technical barrier to entry into digital media communications (production/delivery), everyone can create content and put it online. However, Content is sometimes treated as an afterthought. We should be reminded that Content is King. Without it, the flashiest and most innovative digital media programs would ultimately fail.

So, for this article I’ll talk about the importance of Content, and what media producers in corporate communications may want to think about.

No matter what Online Video Platform (OVP), digital signage, or broadcast/webcast method you’re leveraging, no one will watch your media (or will watch once but never return) if you do not have compelling, relevant, timely, digestible content.


It’s not so much that not enough content is around, but how tell it. Storytelling is sometimes getting a bad rap, because it has been used too many times as ‘Marketing’. Storytelling guides you through the content and grabs you emotionally. I’ll go through two examples.

First Example

Second Examplehttp://www.stophcommerce.com/

You can see the difference between how each example used the content very differently. They may have looked very similar in an email “we need a video about online security for…”, however you can clearly see what’s Marketing and Storytelling. The second example grabs your attention a lot longer than the talking-head video.

But as you saw in the examples, the packaging of the content into an interactive micro-site allows users to land and navigate through an overall digital experience. Having a video is no longer captivating. Building relevant content, contextual navigation, social sharing is much more powerful to get you to stay on the web site, and ultimately drive some sort of “Brand Preference” for the user since they have now interacted with it.

One of our vendors (VerticPortals) used a quote in a presentation, which really resonated with me: “Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may not remember, Involve me and I will Understand. – Benjamin Franklin”

This is in essence, what rich-media marketing communications or online learning should be focusing on. Shaping your content to be compelling through storytelling and interactive experiences.


If all audience types were exactly the same, making relevant content for everyone would be easy. However, every market is segmented, and so is your audience. Even if your audience is comprised of CIO’s or developers, their industry, their geographical location, their cultures are very different, making relevancy a very intricate job.

How to do it? Research your audience. Know your customers. They’re no cutting corners here. Buying email lists won’t offer you the knowledge you need in order to create relevant content for that audience.


Content can go stale like bread sitting out overnight. If you can leverage current events and thew latest trends in the fast-moving industry, your content will shine brighter than the rest, but only for a shorter time frame. Yesterday’s news aren’t timely now, aren’t they?

Making content timely is now more of a balance of current times and long-term roadmap. It really needs to be timely for the user to take a glance at the future, through your eyes by solving some of their current problems.


Various Marketing groups would love nothing more than a 30 minutes talking head video. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the online viewer’s attention span is measure in seconds. The likelihood that someone will run through 30 minutes of a marketing video is very slim unless it is some very compelling content, or the user forgot to close down the video player/page. Tubemogul had a great research post about this: “an average 10.39% of viewers clicking away after ten seconds and 53.56% leaving after one minute.”

Even though Metacafe’s business is not really targeted for corporate, they have done a great job at curating their site as a media destination through short-form content. It’s all about making online snacking as efficient and impact-full as possible for your targeted audience.

These are only a few pieces of the puzzle. ‘How’ the content gets presented to the viewers impacts the content experience.

Next: Picking Your Digital Deliverables…

**UPDATE** 10/16/09 – 8:45am PT

The best marketing is none at all”


~ by laurentbridenne on October 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Kontent”

  1. Hi Laurent

    Only thing I would add is that when video is used correctly it can really bridge the gap between marketing and sales. A simple talking-head video, as you illustrate with the Scottrade example, is never more than a 1-way ‘marketing pitch’. The key to customer engagement is creating a 2-way dialogue and ‘changing the pitch’ to be relevant to what your customer is feeding back to you.

    This is why we always use the Franklin quote – involve the customer and they will feed back what is relevant and what is irrelevant for their needs. This way thee drop-off rate should decrease as irrelevant information is being filtered out of your conversation.

    Great post (and thanks for the mention!)

    Laurence / VerticPortals

    • Great comment. I totally agree. A two-way communication method with the targeted audience would help both the viewer (to learn more and make it more ‘sticky’) and the Business (learning more about their target audience to refine their messaging/communications).

      Most people are open to learn, but don’t want to be lectured.

      Great stuff Laurence. Thanks for reading and contributing!

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  3. Great Post…puts into words what I’ve been trying to explain for years!

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