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The Digital Media world is far from being truly “connected”.

Imagine an integrated, adaptive, interactive rich-media platform built on industry/open standards that delivers and aggregates content onto all digital devices in order to speed up communications, collaboration, learning, marketing and sales.

The current problem is that various vendors only solve pieces of the puzzle, thus creating a cumbersome (and pricey) operation to manage.

Think of a clock. Simple, right? It shows the time of the day. Now, think all the devices that show the time (alarm clock, watch, car, microwave, oven, computer, etc.) and tell me they are all showing the exact same time, to the second. They’re not? Not a surprise.

Now take that analogy to a video feed. Again, this is just data. You’d think that core video data can be manipulated on a cloud to display on all devices at the same time, or as video-on-demand.

I’m often reminded of the limitation when I want to view media content from my various devices, anytime, anywhere (SlingMedia looks promising but is only TV-to-web). Video is also losing steam in this multi-tasking, A.D.D. world. It needs more interactivity nowadays. It needs to leverage the video medium to its fullest in order to provide an experience solution for entertainment, commerce and learning. Allow me to explain the vision:

  • Entertainment – Imagine viewers being prompted to see the “behind the scenes”, get some bubblevideo or browse through episode history in order to learn more about the show and build a personal connection with it. That would be a powerful viewers engagement model to get folks “hooked” onto a program.
  • Commerce – Imagine the good old TV ads to go away. Instead, if you’re interested about something, just mouse over it (or point to the area on the TV) and you get information about it (buy DVD season, soundtrack, apparel, appliance, etc.) which then gets tied to your universal online wallet.
  • Learning – Your kids are watching a show they love and ask you the 1,000 questions about the “why and how”? Well, mouse over that train son and learn about the history of trains. Steam? Here’s how steam happens. Engine? Here’s how it works. This would also work great for higher education. Our nations need to be better educated. With knowledge comes wisdom.

Some companies are diving into this contextual interactive video already, but just for online video. Clear-Media does offer an interesting solution through their ConciseClick solution, so does PLYmedia and a few others…

The potential for an evolved RIA, maybe an RMA (Rich Media Application) could enable all devices, using an appropriate and consistent front-end user experience (Adobe AIR or JavaFX). From gaming systems, phones, televisions, laptops and digital signage. All connected in order to provide a dynamic, rich-media, interactive experience.

Where we are today:

  • G4TV has tried to make this work by tying web activities into a broadcast video feed.
  • The NFL has been doing some interesting online-only web experiences for Sunday Night Football by allowing users to pick their video cam angles have DVR controls, get real-time stats, etc.
  • Corporate tradeshows are going virtual (6Connex, on24, etc.) and provide both live and on-demand, rich-media experiences, but not integrated with other devices.
  • Sony PS3 has gaming, blu-ray, web and video downloads/rentals.
  • DirecTV tuners are now connected onto the internet for 1080p video downloads (DirecTV On-Demand)

However, no one has yet tied it all together, to deliver an overall digital media cross-platform/device solution with live, on-demand, contextual interactive overlays, social media, etc. That’s what is really exciting in this field. There’s so much left to do.

So by now, you may understand my overall vision of the new digital media. The devil is not only in the details, but also in the mindset of these industries.

Thoughts, Ideas, Comments? Let’s hear it.


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10/07/09 – 11:08am PT – My recent blog contribution for is also covering a possible business solution and deployment scenario for the entertainment/sport industry of Formula One. Check it out –


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