The Enterprise rich-media Holy Grail?

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Rich media (online video, interactive tours, virtual events) may provide richer viewer engagement, increase Brand preference and generate a vast amount of customer intelligence, but who’s really measuring it’s business Value?

The more actionable data you can measure, the more realistic trends you’ll get.

What content/topic is the most successful? What type of rich-media deliverable works the best? How did they interact within the online experience? How much social media heat does it have?

Finally, how did each of these perform throughout the customer journey? This would enable the design of a successful blueprint for your global communication programs and get funding to roll these out since you would be able to forecast:

Content and Delivery
(content performance, rich-media usability and performance data)

Impact on Sales
(Lead gen, shortened life cycle, increased size of sale)

Customer intelligence
(customer behavior, interests, preferences, identify where they are in the Sales process)

Sponsorship revenue
(video overlays, in-page promotions, sponsored media)

That first bullet makes everything else possible. If you don’t have attractive and informative content, and the way to deliver/measure it as effectively as possible, nothing else will follow.


Notes from Streaming Media West – Digital Evolution

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This week is the Streaming Media West + Online Video Platform combo, In Los Angeles.

The least attended sessions so far were about the Enterprise, which makes sense because we’re in Hollywood-land (There were much bigger attendance in the silicon valley for these same sessions in the past).

However, some of the same topics popped up in regards to creating compelling content, what technologies people use to deliver across the 3 screens, integrated user experience, ROI (or lack there of if you’re not in the media and entertainment industry), etc.

HTML5 is the big elephant in the room here… Thanks Apple (for better or worse). The interest has grown steadily. The iPad pushed the issue for having HTML5 video playback. Companies have jumped on the bandwagon and competitors … are also jumping on it:

The most entertaining session was about HTML5. It may have been the speaker, the content, the examples or all of the above. A bit on the techie side versus a use-case… but then again, the HTML5 specs aren’t fully fleshed-out yet and there are multiple standards… not a single standard.

Delivering video via HTML5 is good, but I will be looking forward to optimized web apps (including video and other rich-media elements) for cross-platform usage.

Digital Media ROI – tie to your CRM

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I previously covered how to track some of the digital body language from your users. Next, you need to align that data to your Lead generation and customer relationship management systems. Which leads us to…

Step #2  – Tie your media metrics to your CRM Continue reading ‘Digital Media ROI – tie to your CRM’

Digital Media ROI Tips

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Most companies aren’t using digital media to improve productivity (lower operating costs), generate qualified leads (grow the bottom-line), enable monetization (grow the bottom-line again) or improve Brand loyalty (long-term revenue) for their business. Why is that?

I’ve been surprised at some of the answers I’ve heard on this topic while interviewing various companies Continue reading ‘Digital Media ROI Tips’

TV Everywhere… as a web service

•March 15, 2010 • 2 Comments

TV viewership has changed. With the emergence of online video and DVRs, people are empowered to curate their preferred content, pull it up in seconds on their computer screen or mobile device while being able to control, participate and share their experiences. So what we think of TV-programming today, is on its way to become a web service tomorrow.

Our telephone calls, letters, chats can be all done online. Our everyday communications are already headed towards a web service… and the FCC plans to do something about it

In order to accommodate this, our technical infrastructure needs to be upgraded. Every household will need to have a +5MBps bandwidth (unless we find a more efficient data compression method) and every household will have to connect to a web service for their shopping, phone, video, gaming, social activities. The current digital infrastructure isn’t ready yet to handle the load.

Will TV-Everywhere be the next dotcom boon for the high tech industry? I’m pretty sure this will require some massive data storage, high-performance computing and network management capabilities.

Progress Towards Open and Online Video Ecosystem

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Business partnerships can seldom make a big splash in the industry, however today is a big day in the adoption of an Online Video Platform across web platforms/services. Continue reading ‘Progress Towards Open and Online Video Ecosystem’

Digital Media End-to-End Solution, Powered By…

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[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=puzzle&iid=5100646″ src=”0/2/5/5/Jigsaw_puzzle_pieces_ecf7.jpg?adImageId=10904097&imageId=5100646″ width=”500″ height=”175″ /]

Providing an end-to-end digital media work flow solution from capture to display should be getting simpler with technological advances. Yet, due to the ongoing media convergence and TV-Everywhere solutions, everything seems to be more complex than ever.

Nowadays, you need Continue reading ‘Digital Media End-to-End Solution, Powered By…’